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10 Best Types Of Granite For Your Home

Granites are considered to be for rough and tough use it can be used in your exteriors, staircases and also wall cladding. Granite can be turned into Polished Granite, Leather finish & Lapatro Finish. At La Italia Marbles provide the best quality granite at best price in hyderabad.

Here are some different types of Granites:

  1. Emerald Pearl Granite:

Emerald Pearl Granite is considered to be one of the most luxurious granites. The emerald crystals embedded in the stone gives a shiny look. This granite comes in different colors like grey, blue etc... La Italia Marbles is the leading supplier of Emerald Pearl Granite in Hyderabad.

Types of different finishes available in:

Polished, Lapatro Finish, Flame Finish, Leather Finish, Both Side Polished.

This beauty can be used for flooring, Staicase, Terrace, Table Tops, Wash Basins and also Counter tops. Emerald Pearl Granite accounts the beauty of a princess and strength of a beast.


Alaska Gold Granite is a pure stunner in the world of Granite. The yellow color with stripes of black is an eye stunner. Alaska Gold Granite comes from the quarries of Brazil. It comes in different ranges from black strips, brown strips, grey strips.

Types of finishes available in:

Polished, Lapatro Finished, Leather Finish, Flame Finish, Both Side Polished.

Alaska Gold can be used for stairs, kitchen counters, Table Tops, Wash Basins, Garden Area, Swimming Pool, Bathroom etc... La Italia Marbles is a reliable stock holder of Alaska Gold Granite with a vast range of other natural marbles to accompany your granite.


Tan Brown Granite is the most used granite in India because of its color, texture and it's price. Tan Brown starts from 60/- per sq.ft

Tan Brown is highly used in households and commercial places. The brown color dots over black surface gives a cute look. Tan Brown is the perfect choice for a person having a low budget for Granite's.

Tan Brown can be in Polished, Lapatro Finish and Leather Finish.

It is best suitable for rough usage. It can be installed in Kitchen Platforms, Plant Area, Stairs, Lift Borders etc..

The above picture is of TAN BROWN LEATHER FINISH


Black Galaxy a stone that drives us out of the galaxy. Black Galaxy Granite comes from Rajasthan. The white dots layed over the black surface gives your interiors an aesthetic look. Black Galaxy is considered to be on the premium side of Granite's.

Black galaxy can best be installed at Kitchen Platforms, Flooring, Elevators, Table Tops, Staircase, Pool Side etc...

It is also available in Polished, Lapatro and Leather Finish.


Apple Red Granite is a very excellent choice for flooring as it adapts and merges with it's background very stunningly. The red and black mixture truly gives it a rich look and enhances your interiors as well as exteriors.

Red Granite is usually installed in Polished and Leather finish. The touch and feel of leather finish Red Granite makes you feel in paradise.

Apple Red Granite is best used in Side flooring, Staircase and Table Tops


A beauty from Brazil, Safari Brown Granite is considered as a sister to Dark Emprerdar Italian Marble. The brown and black combination makes the granite look fabulous.

This beauty can be used almost everyhwhere but specifically flooring, Staircase and Kitchen Walls.

It is available in Raw, Polished Finish, Leather Finish and Lapatro Finish.


White Granite is an absolute beauty when it comes to your house. The black pearl dots on the white skin makes it shine bright.

White Granite is installed in flooring's, stairs and kitchen platform and counter tops.

This is an absolute beauty and can be installed eyes closed.


Granite has been used for centuries and is still common in every household.

Granites can be easily cleaned with a wet mop and can also be cleaned dry. The Toughness of Granite is real good and it is also very long lasting.

The choice between selecting Italian Marble or Granite shall be based on Budget, House satisfaction and the customer's wish.

To Know more about Marbles click here:

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