Onyx Marble: A Stone That Signifies Luxury

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

AWE! is what people feel after installing Onyx Marble in their interiors.Onyx is a whole different type of marble which gives your house a very Rich look, It is also transparent and light can pass through it which makes your interiors even more elegant. La Italia holds to be one of the top company to stock Rare Onyx, this peace of beauty can be used for interiors like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, staircase, counter tops with lights.

Here are few ways of how Onyx is used in your home interiors to signify the art of luxury.

  1. TV WALL:

Onyx is the only form of marble that lets light pass through it and is transparent. This makes the Marble glow and stand out and give a rich feeling. [In picture Onyx has been placed on wall as cladding for Tv set and light has been attached to led's so whenever we wish to see Marble glow all we need to do is turn the switch on.


Table tops have come a long way from wooden tables to marble tables and now Onyx tables. [ In picture Vanilla Onyx Marble] Onyx is a natural marble and so every slab of marble has its own unique features.

3. WALL MURAL: Onyx Marble has been used as a wall mural in living and bed rooms. The texture and richness which Onyx gets you is miles ahead of what a picture frame brings in. The texture, look, feel, color makes you feel in paradise.


Generally in light colors, just like other marbles and granites Onyx is available in different ranges, colors, textures. It is also curated in deep colors like that of red and green which can be installed without lights.

Onyx Counter top can be swiped with a cloth and warm water, if dirty can use soap in it and leave it to dry. Natural Marble requires very less maintenance and provide a long lasting beauty.


Onyx Marble is an absolute beauty for counter tops. It is perfect for your store, business or any restaurant for the billing counter where customers go in WOW! seeing the marble. [ In picture Rose Onyx Counter Top].


Onyx is also known for its toughness, it gives your house the beauty and also is a beast when it comes to toughness. [ In picture Red Lava Onyx ]

Onyx is a luxurious marble and no doubt it has to be installed eyes closed. The light passing through Onyx hits different and there is nothing more appealing to see that. Although there are many other Italian Marbles but everyone shall try and install Onyx to get that WOW factor.

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