Unique Designs To Enhance Your Interiors With Italian Marble.

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Italian Marble is not just a product it's an experience which you receive when you see the beauty of Natural Stone shining out of your interiors and giving it a rich look. Its the Richness given to your house by Italian Marble that makes it a must-have as compared to artificial tiles. Today interior designs are incomplete without Italian Marble or Natural Stone, They are dreams sculpted out of quality which makes people go in awe!!

Here are some unique ideas/designs to use Marble to enhance your interiors.

  1. Marble Counter tops:

This has been an old age practice but till today nothing has or can beat the beauty of countertops backed with Italian Marble. Since Natural Marble is spill-proof, tough, and does not take much time to clean it is an ideal choice for interior countertops. These natural beauties are perfect to give your interiors a cutting edge. Italian Marble is available in various colors, patterns, designs, thickness for your countertop. Travertine Marble, Beige Color Marble are some of the perfect matches for countertops.

2. Marble Stairs: Your Stepping Stones To Luxury

If you're looking away to glam up your steps look no further than Italian Marble (in picture Panda White Marble). These stones are imported from various parts of the world in slabs and blocks and then processed to cater to the needs of our clients. Natural Marble gives shine on the staircase which grabs all your attention and leaves you stunned. These marbles are available in different colors specifically designed for your staircase at La Italia Marbles. This is another way to enhance your interiors with Natural Marble Collection.

3. Marble Table Top:

The above picture is an Onyx Marble Tabletop, Marble has evolved a long way from used for flooring to tabletops. Many still prefer wooden table tops but the fact is there is nothing more Elegant than Marble. Today Italian Marble is a strong choice for Tabletops and is seen used in luxury hotels, offices, and residential places. Italian Marble is sustainable for years and is very easy to clean which makes it a perfect choice for your house interiors. It serves as a smooth tabletop or coffee table and the natural striations catch the eye instantly.

4. Marble Wall Cladding:

Italian Marble has been used in exteriors for centuries and till date, there hasn't been a substitute for it that gives the elegance provided by Natural Stones. Travertine Marble is the best choice for Cladding on the exteriors of your site. It can be installed raw without polishing too which makes it the perfect choice for your exteriors. Travertine Marble has been used for centuries, its toughness and richness draw out the attention of every person passing by your showroom and makes his eye drop with your stunning marble. Travertino Marble comes in more than 20 different designs, colors, etc..

Onyx Marble is also used for wall cladding in the interiors of your home. Onyx Marble is one of a kind rare natural stone that has a unique design in itself. It is transparent which allows light to pass through it which makes it even more stunning.

5. Marble Fireplace:

( In picture: Black Marquina Marble ) Marble Fireplace to enhance your interiors, Natural stones have been used as fireplaces for ages and is still used in households. Natural Marble is found to be heatproof which makes it the best choice to install Marble in the fireplace. Consider choosing a piece that won’t look out of place in your overall interior scheme, but still revamps the look and feel of the space. This is another unique way to use Italian Marble.

6. Marble Kitchen:

Why not cook in luxury? while you dine in luxury, sleep in luxury marble around you. Italian Marble is very handy and can merge with any kitchen background whether neutral or colorful. You can't deny how this piece of stone adds a touch of class to your interiors. The stones preferred for the kitchen are Indian and Italian Marble because of its toughness and heat resistance.

7. Marble Poolside: