Natural Marble or Artificial Tiles, What to choose?

Flooring is an integral part of your interiors and defies the beauty of your house, there is a wide range of flooring options today from Italian Marbles, Granites to Artificial Tiles. Therefore it is important to know which type of flooring you shall install to make your interiors stand out.

Marble: Marble is a Natural Stone which comes in a very wide range from all over the world, some different forms of marble are Travertine Marble, Onyx, Indian Marble, etc...

Tiles: Tiles is an artificial flooring material made from cement or concrete and manufactured in different shapes.

Here are a few tips and points on why Natural Marble is preferred over Artificial Tiles.

  1. Which one gives a Rich look? Aesthetic Value

Natural Marble is bound to give your interiors a classy look no matter how you install it. They are available in a vast range of different styles, texture, colors, and appearance giving your house an aesthetic look. "Nothing is more Elegant than Marble".

Tiles, on the other hand, are Artificial and made up of cement, it is available in different colors but the substance remains the same. Although they look appealing they cannot match the beauty and the look provided by Marbles. The lines are always visible in tiles as compared to marbles.

2. Health Issues Caused By Tiles:

Natural Marble: While considering flooring options it is very necessary to consider your family's health. Marble will keep your home free of the infestation of allergens and pathogens because Marble can stop minute particles from finding a livable space on its surface and thriving there. Natural Stone might not be able to help your family eat green veggies but will protect them from harmful bacteria.

Tiles: Artificial Tiles are known to cause cancer and other health issues. While installing tiles harmful fibers are released in the air which is easily inhaled and attached to the lungs, hearts, and abdomen causing Cancer Tumor called mesothelioma. Hence it is always preferred to install Natural Marble for a healthier life.

3. Maintenance:

Natural Marble: It is a myth that Marble takes a lot of time to clean and maintained, Natural Stone once installed requires very little maintenance this is one of its big features. Due to its toughness marbles is widely used as kitchen countertops, exteriors, bathroom, and even staircases. Although to maintain the shine of the marble it needs to be polished once in 5-6 years which is done with a portable machine executed by highly skilled workers at La Italia Marbles.

Tiles: Artificial Tiles are easy to maintain, require no maintenance but loses its shine in a quick span of time. It is very easily broken and can be installed very easily. Regular cleaning of the house is sufficient to maintain tiles.

4. Usage: How & Where can they be used?

Natural Marble: Natural Stone is durable and tough enough to be installed in the exteriors & interiors of your house. It can glam up the look of your floors even in the exteriors with Travertine Marble Collection. It can be used in Wall Cladding, Stairs, Bathroom, Sinks, Showpieces, Countertops, etc... There is a myth prevailing that marble shall not be used in the bathroom causing slipperiness, but the fact is there is no substitute for marble.

Tiles: Tiles and be used for interiors and exteriors but due to its low strength it is not preferred in exteriors. they are not suitable for kitchen countertops due to various health issues. A better substitute for tiles is quartz which is exclusively used for countertops available at La Italia Marbles.

5. Cost:

Natural Marble: Since Marble comes in a vast range its cost varies from lot to lot and from block to block typically starting from 250/- and going on to 6,000/- per sq.ft. Although this is a one time cost that one needs to bear for their interiors to shine out. The richness provided by Natural Marble is worth installing it.

Tiles: Tiles on the other hand are cheap and come in a low range from 200-300/- per sq.ft.

Being artificial they come in a low range and are affordable as compared to marble. The look and class provided by tiles are equal to their price range and nothing compared to Natural Marble.


Marble comes in different variety and available in polished, leather and many other finishes. It is very durable and is a life long product on the other hand Tiles are less durable as compared to Marbles.

Marbles take time to install but it gives a rich feeling while Tile takes less time to install.

Marble comes in a vast range starting from 250/- to 6,000/- per sq.ft while Tile ranges from 200-300/- per sq.ft.

While choosing your material let the budget, interior, location be your judgment criteria. Remember, flooring is the decor element that lives long run. Hence, choose wisely!

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