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Types Of Italian Marble For Flooring !

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The greatest architects and interior designers of our time have long since known the class that Italian Marble holds in itself and the rich excellence it generates when used intelligently.

Its a dream for every individual to have their own house with an outstanding interior that gives a rich look, Well what better than Italian Marble to give your house the Rich look.The Italian Marble flooring cost too depends on each specific marble. A wide range of Marbles and Granite also leaves us in confusion of which one to use as flooring? Here are 6 different ranges of Best Italian Marble for flooring.

1. Black Marquino Marble: Black Marble is one of the top players in the Italian Marble. The white lines on the black beauty is simple gorgeous. Black Marble is an origin of European mines and is then imported in India available at La Italia Marbles stockyard. Black Marquino gives a rich look to your interiors mainly used for interiors.

It is on the expensive side but with the beauty it is definitely worthed. It is perfect for Marble floorinf, bedroom, countertops and firewall.

2. Grey Breccia Marble ( Grey Marble): We all are in awe of our Grey Marble. This piece of beauty can be used for your flooring, countertops and many more. Grey Marble comes from the quarries of Spain mainly. Grey marble flooring is widely used in households as it fits in with any color of your interior and amplifies your house interiors to next level. It is also used in kitchen and bathroom countertops as shown below.

La Italia Marbles bring you the reason why Beige Marble leaves you spell bound !!

3. Beige Marble : Beige marble has been a household name and is always considered to be one of top picks in marble flooring. Beige Marble is the best marble for flooring as it contrasts with your interiors giving your house a rich look. Beige Marble has many different ranges in it such as Classic Beige Marble, Serpeta Beige Marble, Spanish Beige, Pearl Beige Marble and many more... Beige marble is used in both household and commercial projects, At La Italia we bring you an endless range of Beige Marble Flooring collection which makes you go awe!!!

4. Statuario Marble ( White Marble ): Admit it, Statuario Marble is a complete eye puller in your interior. White marble has been used for centuries and is considered to be the best marble for flooring and also the best marble for your interiors. White Marble comes in different ranges of Australian White, Vietnam White etc.. Statuario Marble is considered to be a high league marble because of its price range and its rich texture on a white marble. This piece of beauty is used for Flooring, Counter tops and Stairs.

5. Travertine Marble: Travertine Marble is often used as building materials. It is a perfect example of beauty and a beast because of its smooth elegance and its toughness. These are significantly supplied from the quarries of Iran, Mexico, Turkey.

Mostly used in temples, pool decks, wall claddind and flooring. Travertine Marble has also been used for flooring in the exteriors because of its toughness. It comes with holes and pores which makes it stand out from the rest, these pores can be filled with a transparent chemical in clients request. Fun part is Travertine Marble can also be installed raw without any polishing in your outdoors... Travertine Stone comes in different colours and ranges exclusively available at La Italia Marbles Hyderabad. Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture. It is commonly used for façades, wall cladding, and flooring.

6. Onyx Marble ( Honey Onyx) : Onyx has been on of the game changers in the Italian Marble Industry. Its touch, feel makes you feel like you're in paradise. Onyx Marble is exclusively a high range product and comes in many different ranges and colors like mango onyx, tiger onyx, green onyx, red onyx and many more. This piece of beauty is used in flooring, marble countertops and stairs. Onyx has been in use from centuires, firstly used by Romans in making handicrafts. It comes from the quarries of Greece, Romaina and few gulf countries. Onyx Marble is transparent that means light can pass through it which enhances your interiors even more.

As shown Onyx fitted on bathroom flooring where light passes by. Onyx comes in a high range of marbles due to its elegant features and is a must have to enhance your marble interiors exclusively available at La Italia Marbles

In picture: Mango Onyx, Honey Onyx Marble Glow.

About La Italia:

Established in 2001 La Italia has changed the market paradigm by introducing high-quality imported Italian Marbles & Granite from countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Norway. We have also developed and introduced new stone offerings in exclusive colors and varities. Today we are one of the leading Italian Marble Dealers with stockyards in Hyderabad, Mumbai & Bangalore.

We are proud to be one of the first movers of Italian Marble and Luxury Indoor Marble Studio in Telangana, a strong collaboration with local agents and partners has helped establish an unmatched network to serve our customers. 

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